The basics "anti-aging care" you should know

As we age, we all feel the decline of our skin. Whether you're confident about your skin at the moment or you're getting impatient, are you really okay with your daily care regimen? Aging care is not a procedure to rejuvenate the skin, but rather an attempt to utilize the skin's natural power. With the right care, you can maintain the healthy beauty of your age. Here are some tips for different age groups!

The meaning of aging care

The term "aging care" has the meaning of "caring for skin according to age. The word "aging care" means "taking care of the skin according to one's age," which sounds similar to the word "anti-aging," but it does not mean "how to fight aging.

Differences from anti-aging

Anti-aging is about taking preventive measures against aging, including medical approaches. Anti-aging care, on the other hand, is about bringing out the natural power of the skin through daily care. In other words, it means that basic skin care is important.

Why do we need anti-aging care? Skin changes and signs of aging

As we age, the condition of our skin changes from moment to moment. Even if you are young enough to think you are still fine, your skin cells may actually be suffering from external and internal damage. Here are three points that can cause your skin to age.

1) Delayed turnover

When the cycle of the epidermis being reborn, or turnover, is disrupted, skin problems are more likely to occur. One of the causes of this is a decline in metabolism, which starts to slow down in your 30s, resulting in slower turnover, dryness, and blackheads in the pores.

(2) Decline in the barrier function

By the time you reach your 40s, the amount of ceramide in your skin's stratum corneum decreases to about half of what it was in your 20s. The loss of moisturizing ingredients on the surface of the skin makes it more susceptible to damage and causes it to become flaky.

3) Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance (decrease in estrogen) also has a great deal to do with skin luster. In order to regulate the hormone balance, moderate exercise and improvement of lifestyle are effective.

So, when should we start taking care of aging skin?

So when is the ideal time to start anti-aging care? The answer is "as soon as possible".

The basics of anti-aging care are proper skin care and review of daily life. This is something that can be started even in your twenties.

Awareness from your 20s - Wash your face carefully

In order to keep your skin in its best condition in your thirties and beyond, you should start cleansing and washing your face carefully in your twenties.

What to do in your 30s - Moisturizing is the key

The key to anti-aging care in your 30s is moisturizing. There is no need to buy all kinds of expensive cosmetics. However, do not neglect to apply lotion after cleansing your face!

Habits in your 40s and 50s - Replenish Oil

As the secretion of sebum decreases in our 40's, we need to replenish oil to keep the moisture in the stratum corneum. Use moisturizing creams and beauty oils, especially for the eye and mouth areas that are prone to dryness. As moisturizing ingredients, focus on collagen, hyaluronic acid, and ceramide.

What is the best way to take care of aging skin against its enemies?

Ultraviolet rays ← Sun protection

Exposure to UV rays destroys skin cells, causing spots and sagging skin. In order to keep your skin firm and clear, sun protection is a must! Whether it's a cloudy day, rainy day, or winter day, apply a gentle sunscreen that won't be too harsh on your skin.

Dryness ← Hydration

When the moisture in the stratum corneum becomes insufficient, the skin becomes flaky. It becomes more sensitive to stimuli, and pimples, spots and wrinkles start to increase. If the skin loses moisture and starts to sag, it can make you look older.

Hydrate from the inside out. Make sure to drink a certain amount of water every day.

Stress ← Adequate sleep and relaxation time

Stress and lack of sleep can accelerate skin aging. It is important to calm your mind and get a good night's sleep. If you have a tendency to stay up late, you should adjust your daily rhythm so that you can go to bed early and wake up early.

Lack of nutrition ← Balanced diet

In order to improve blood circulation and shine from the inside out, it is important to have a balanced diet. Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are said to have antioxidant properties, as well as vitamins B and C and folic acid, which are helpful in relieving fatigue, are nutrients that aid in skin health.

Coldness of the body ← Warming up

A cold body slows down the circulation of blood and disturbs the autonomic nervous system, which adversely affects the skin. Take a bath, drink hot tea, and keep your feet warm to prevent coldness. The warmer you are, the better your body's natural healing power will be.

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