What is the "right amount" of skincare products?

Do you use the right amount of your favorite skincare products every day? Our expert advises you on the right amount of products to use to get beautiful skin.

What you may not know about the importance of the amount you use

When it comes to skincare, there is a lot of discussion about the order in which skincare products should be applied, but there are many people, even beauty lovers, who seem to know about the proper amount of skincare to use.

According to Nathalie Aguilar, a celebrity esthetician and cosmetic dermatology nurse, knowing the right amount of each product to use is a very important part of skincare. According to Nathalie Aguilar, a dermatology nurse, knowing the right amount of each product to use is very important in skin care. Applying too much or too little can have negative effects on the skin.

How do you know what is the "right amount" to use?

According to dermatologist Dr. Marisa Gersick, if your skin becomes dry, red, or overly sensitive after you start using a skin care product, you may be applying too much.

Dr. Gershick explained in the U.S. media Coveture, "Certain beauty oils and moisturizing creams are so thick and occlusive that they can clog pores if used too much. If you find that the cream stays on your skin forever or is difficult to penetrate, you may want to reduce the amount.

In the same way, the amount of skincare you use has a lot to do with how "effective" your skincare products are. Dr. Gershick said, "I understand that you want to use up your skin care products before they oxidize or expire, but in most cases, a pearl-sized amount is enough. Dr. Gershick advised that using excessive amounts of products does not increase their effectiveness, but only wastes them.

Dr. Gershick said, "If you are unsure about the amount to use, remember that it is better to apply too little skin care product than too much.

Introducing the right amount of each product

However, there are many people who do not know exactly how much is the right amount. So, here are some simple guidelines for each type of skincare product.

  • Cleansing: The amount used for cleansing depends on the formula and the amount of makeup used. If you are using a foam type cleanser, one pump is a good rule of thumb. If you have heavy makeup, it is recommended to double wash your face with micellar water or facial cleanser.
  • Toner: For toner, some people spray it directly onto their face, while others use cotton. Mr. Aguilar says, "If you spray, I recommend spraying a couple of times and lightly patting. If you prefer cotton, it's best to spray about six times per cotton," he advises.
  • Serum: Since serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients, you need to be especially careful about the amount you use. In most cases, a pearl-sized amount (equivalent to 2 to 3 drops, depending on the viscosity of the product) is enough. However, make sure you don't scrub too hard.
  • Moisturizer: It goes without saying that every skin type should use a moisturizer, but since different skin types have different formulas, the amount to use will be slightly different. Aguilar explains, "A large pearl-sized amount is recommended for dry skin and a small pearl-sized amount for oily skin. But in any case, he advised starting with a smaller amount and adjusting the amount depending on the condition of the skin.

The basics of skin care you may know, but may not know. It's time to review your skincare routine and see if you are using the right amount of skincare products.

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