The "Special Care" promotes skin turnover.

In this season, when you are exposed to the cold wind outside and spend a lot of time in dry, heated rooms, do you suddenly notice that your skin is not in good condition? If you feel that your makeup doesn't look good on your face even though you have taken good care of your skin in the morning and evening, it's time for special care. It's time for a special treatment to restore your skin's vitality by properly supplementing it with moisturizing beauty ingredients. In this article, I'll introduce some tips on how to add a once-a-week treatment to your regular care routine to promote the skin's regenerative power.

Turnover is the key word for healthy skin

To begin with, what is our ideal skin like?

First of all, it should be moisturized, well-groomed, firm, elastic, and have a fair complexion. What is even more essential is that the metabolism, or "turnover" function, is working stably to maintain such fresh skin.

Our skin is made up of three layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. The cells produced in the bottom layer of the epidermis are gradually pushed to the surface and cover the skin as keratin. When they become old, they naturally peel off and are replaced by new keratin. Turnover refers to the series of cycles that epidermal cells follow. The more active the turnover, the higher the skin's regenerative power.

In general, the turnover cycle is about 28 days, but it is said that the number of days required for skin regeneration increases with age.

However, a shorter turnover cycle is not necessarily better. What is important is that your skin has the ability to repeat the natural rhythm of regeneration in a way that is appropriate for your age. If you feel that your skin is not functioning properly, it is important to add appropriate care to return the turnover cycle to normal.

First, let's review basic facial cleansing.

The first step to healthy skin is to wash your face. The goal is to wash your face thoroughly to remove dirt and grime, while maintaining the necessary oil and moisture. Let's take a look at some of the key points to wash your face so that you can have fresh skin with fewer skin problems.

Wash your face with lukewarm water.

Hot water can remove the important sebum that protects the skin. The recommended water temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius at the highest. If you are concerned about dry skin, lukewarm water is especially good. Use a water thermometer to measure the temperature of the water as soon as it floats in the water to get a more accurate temperature for your skin.

Gently wash with well-grown bubbles.

Lather your facial cleanser thoroughly and wash gently with a cushion of foam to avoid direct friction on the skin. A good rule of thumb for the density of the foam is that it should not fall off even if you scoop it upside down with your palm. First, place the elastic, fuzzy foam on the oily T-zone and carefully roll it around with your fingertips. After that, spread the lather to the U-zone, but be careful not to over-wash the cheeks since they are the largest area and sebum production is low.

Rinse properly.

To rinse, use a handful of lukewarm water and gently apply it to each part of your face to remove the foam. Do not splash hot water or shower directly on your face; rinse especially carefully at the edge of your hairline, face line, and nose where lather is likely to remain. Rinse carefully, especially in areas where lather is likely to be left behind, such as along the hairline, face line, and nose, as any residue from the cleanser may cause itching and redness.

Do not rub your skin with a towel.

When you have finished rinsing off the lather, wipe off the water by pressing the towel against your skin to avoid damaging it with the fibers.

It is best to choose a towel that is gentle to the skin, such as 100% cotton. Don't forget to moisturize your skin with lotion or milky lotion after wiping with the towel.

How to activate the turnover?

Maintain a regular lifestyle and get enough sleep.

A disordered life cycle is the enemy of healthy skin. Lack of sleep is especially important because it often causes stress in the body and mind, even if you are not aware of it. If you feel that you are not getting enough sleep due to daily fatigue, try to relax with the help of music or aroma. It is also recommended to take a relaxing bath about two hours before going to bed. Resting in bed after the bath when the hot flashes have subsided will help you get a more comfortable sleep.

Maintain a good nutritional balance

Make sure you have a good balance of the three major nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. If you are only concerned about calorie count and your nutrition is unbalanced, you may end up with rough skin. Protein and zinc, which help normalize skin turnover, vitamin A, which protects the skin, and vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, are also nutrients that should be taken in. If you are concerned about the condition of your skin, eat well and take care of it from the inside as well.

Adjust the humidity in your room.

During the season when we often use air conditioners, we need to pay attention to the damage caused to our skin by dry air. When the skin loses too much moisture, the keratin is easily damaged, and if it peels off unnaturally due to cracking, the immature keratin will be exposed to the outside air, which may lead to further skin problems. To prevent these turnover disorders from becoming chronic, it is ideal to keep the humidity indoors at 40-60%. If you are in an environment where you cannot adjust the air conditioner, try to keep a wet towel or a cup of hot water nearby.

Recommendations for "Special Care" to promote skin turnover

What is special care?

In addition to your usual care, "special care" is to restore your skin's vitality with a luxurious beauty pack, blood circulation massage, or peeling. When you are tired after a long day of housework or work, or when your skin tone becomes dull, take the time to take care of your skin.

Why do I need special care?

The rhythm of your skin's turnover tends to be unstable due to various causes such as season, living environment, and aging. Dead skin cells that do not peel off properly and accumulate on the skin become hard and thick, making it difficult for the skin to absorb moisture, which can be a major cause of skin irritation.

Careful special care to relax the skin and replenish the necessary moisture will help the skin to regenerate smoothly.

Once a week is just right.

It is tempting to use peels that make your skin smooth or packs full of beauty ingredients more often because of the feeling of satisfaction after using them. However, the skin has a self-cleaning function that removes dead skin cells as plaque and maintains a proper balance of oil and moisture.

Peeling, in particular, if repeated too often, can remove more dead skin cells than necessary, unnaturally speeding up the turnover process and causing skin problems. The frequency of special care should be once a week.

Decide on your favorite time, such as bath time before a holiday, and enjoy taking care of your skin while relaxing your mind and body.

How to use "special care" according to the item

The items used for special care can be broadly divided into deep cleansing, beauty packs, and massage. First, check your skin's texture and current condition, and then choose the care item that best suits your purpose, such as "to improve flakiness" or "to remove dullness.

Powder Wash

Powder washes are a little tricky to whip up, but the resulting foam is fine and removes sebum and dirt from pores. The one with enzymes is recommended for skin that is concerned about acne and stickiness. While high cleaning power is a characteristic of this product, there are also various powder washes with gentle cleansing power that can be used by people with sensitive or dry skin.

Sheet Masks & Cream Masks

The human skin is not designed to allow liquids to penetrate easily into the skin. Therefore, sheet masks are made of materials and designed to let the cosmetic liquid touch the skin for as long as possible and penetrate slowly. Cream masks do not use sheets, but rather creamy beauty ingredients. It is applied to the skin, left on for a while, and then blended in or washed off.

Clay mask

This is a clay pack that has been used like soap in Morocco since ancient times. It absorbs and removes unwanted dead skin cells and dirt that cause dullness, and the natural minerals contained in it moisturize the skin.

To use, simply pour lukewarm water on the solid clay to soften it, and gently spread it on your skin. You can use it not only on your face, but also on your hair, body, and other parts of your body. After washing, your skin will be plump and moisturized. Your skin will become more even-toned and brighter.

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